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A community dedicated to providing writers with what they need to get their careers to the next level. We have a quiet, drop-in writing loft and a community room for hanging out and special events. Come write with us!

Upcoming Events, Classes, & Workshops

The Writers' Loft First Contest & Anthology!

Submit your previously unpublished short work (fiction or non-fiction) or one page illustration and the winners will be published in the Writers’ Loft anthology. Our theme is “FIRSTS”. Anyone who is a Writers’ Loft quarterly or yearly member, or has attended an event at the Loft is eligible to enter. See our rules page and email writersloftma (at) gmail (dot) com if you have questions.

loft anthology call for submissions

Submissions are OPEN, and close September 30th, 2015. Winners will be announced by Jan. 1st, 2016 and the Anthology will be published in fall 2016. Our goal is to showcase the Writers’ Loft community’s best work, to raise money for continued programming at the Loft, and to provide an outlet of publication for our community.

Revise Your Novel with Erin Dionne

Thursdays, 9/24-10/29, 7-9pm

revision class flyer-pageWriters' Loft Members: $175; Non-Members: $225

Register Here

Congratulations! You’ve finished a novel! Or chapter book. Or picture book…or any book! Getting that draft on paper is a huge achievement. But you’re not done yet. Revision is a key element of creating a work of fiction: polishing, editing, and reviewing your work from an objective point of view is necessary to bring a manuscript to a professional level.

In this class we will focus on tactics and strategies necessary to develop strong editorial and revision skills. In each session, we’ll critique one another’s work and apply specific techniques to our manuscript (and although you do not need to have a completed novel to take this class, upwards of 50 pages would be helpful).

In a supportive environment, we will critique each other's work and offer feedback. To help you stay focused, we will use a partner-based model of learning and supporting one another.

Creating a Non-Fiction Book Proposal with Loree Griffin Burns

Saturday, 10/3, 1-4pm

proposal writing workshop flyerWriters' Loft Members: $35; Non-Members: $50

Register Here

In today’s trade market, most books of children’s nonfiction are sold to publishers in proposal form. That is, the book idea is pitched in a specific abridged format and the final book is only written when a publisher accepts the proposal. This workshop is designed to shine a light on this process, to introduce attendees to the basic elements of the book proposal, and to provide tools for turning nonfiction book ideas into strong, sellable proposals. Sample proposals will be shared, as well as hands-on tips and tools for starting the proposal-writing process. Attendees should bring their nonfiction book ideas, or existing proposals, to the workshop!

Annual Loft Family Picnic

Saturday, August 29th, 12pm

Join us at the park down Cemetery Lane (just past the Loft). Bring your family and some food. Nuts are welcome (just mark those dishes and people). Rain date Sunday, August 30th.

This event is $Free$ and open to all.

Writers' Loft Book Bash

Friday, September 11, 7pm

Book Bash FlyerCelebrate Loft members' book releases from the time loft opened (March 2013) to now! Books will be available for purchase and signing from:

  • Nandini Bajpai
  • Erin Dionne
  • Josh Funk
  • Thea Iberall
  • Lynda Mullaly Hunt
  • Lisa A. Kramer
  • Nancy Tupper Ling
  • Susan Lynn Meyer
  • Jacqui Morton
  • Warren Ross
  • Kathryn Sparrow
  • Anna Staniszewski

There will be readings, cake, and the goblet of fire!!

This event is $Free$ and open to all.

Craft Chat: Exploration of Art & Text with Sarah S. Brannen

Saturday, 10/17 1:30pm

Author/artist Sarah S. Brannen will share stories about the creation of her books, as well as exploring some of the things she has learned about the ways text and pictures can support each other. Writers can learn some tips on how to make text perfect to illustrate, and how to let go of the book when it’s turned over to the illustrator; illustrators will hear about ways Sarah has used a good text as a jumping-off point to take a book to the next level. Sarah will talk about the process of fitting words and images together for picture books. Sarah is the author and illustrator of three books: Madame Martine, Madame Martine Breaks the Rules, and Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. She has illustrated several other books including the award-winning Feathers: Not Just for Flying by Melissa Stewart.

This event is $Free$ and open to all.

Craft Chat: The Art of Giving - and Receiving - Critique with Erin Dionne

Saturday, 10/24 2pm

critique craft chat erin dionneDo you belong to a critique group? Do you want to? Do you know how to work with an editor or agent?

Part of being a good writer is being a good reader/editor—knowing how to give feedback on a critique partner’s manuscript, and how to listen to and evaluate criticism given to you on your own work. In this session, we will identify specific story elements that you should be looking for in your crit partner’s (and your own) manuscripts and learn how to comment on them effectively. We’ll also discuss receiving comments and feedback from others: are you ready for criticism? How do you deal with a “harsh” critique? What should you be listening for? What are the strategies for using the feedback you receive? Attendees will leave with specific elements to look for in others’ work, tools for editing their own work, and an understanding as to how to accept and use feedback from others.

Please bring approximately 5 pages of writing to work with.

This event is $Free$ and open to all.

PiBoIdMo Kickoff Party Wednesday, October 29, 7pm

Join us on to prepare for Picture Book Idea Month! PiBoIdMo is a November writing challenge for picture book writers and illustrators. The object is to jot down one picture book concept daily. By the end of the month you’ll have at least 30 bright & shiny new ideas! You can then refer to these ideas throughout the year to jump-start your creativity and write new manuscripts.

We’ll kick off with some food, chat, social time, and possibly a special guest. This event is $Free$ and open to all.

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