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Upcoming Events, Classes, & Workshops

AGENT BRUNCH AND CRITIQUES with Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Saturday, June 27th, 9:30am-12:30pm

It's hard to know when a query and first pages are working! That's why it's so important to have face time with an agent or editor. Join us for a personal critique with agent Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency. We will break in the middle to have a light brunch and hear what Joan and Carter have to say about the do's and don'ts of querying and more.

Cost: $65 for Loft Members; $85 for Non-Members

There is currently a wait list for this event. Please email writersloftma [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Registration Deadline: June 8th

More details available here.

World Building Workshop Series with A. C. Gaughen

Saturdays, 2-4pm (6/20, 7/18, 8/15)

For fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and fantasy and just about everything in between, an excellent story is couched in a vivid world. How do you choose what to describe? How do you know what is essential to making your story stronger rather than bogging it down? This series of workshops will examine different aspects of world building. The workshops can be taken separately, and will also build to a more multifaceted understanding of world building!

All of these workshops are hugely interactive; I want to make sure that whatever point you’re at in writing your story, you’re walking away with actionable steps to make it better!

$75 for Loft Members (or $30 per individual workshop)

$120 for Non-Members (or $45 per individual workshop)

Register here

Registration Deadline: June 13th

Setting on Saturday, June 20th: When you’re building a world, there’s a ridiculous amount of information that needs to be processed. For example, we live in a country that was founded by a revolution. But for most characters in a contemporary novel, that’s not something that really defines the setting of their story. In a realistic setting, how do you isolate what is necessary to include in your story? For a simulated or fantasy setting, how do you make it all up? We’ll discuss the tools to make your setting strong and essential!

Voice on Saturday, July 15th: You might be asking yourself what voice has to do with world building! The answer is a LOT. If you listen to my patterns of speech, you learn about my whole world--what movies I’ve seen, what values I prioritize, what experiences I’ve shared with some friends and not with others. You hear echoes of things my grandparents said, the prayers I learned as a child, the stories that put me to bed at night. All of this comes just from the things I say. Your world MUST dictate your voice, and the voice is a huge and natural part of world-building. I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that make this task easy and still essential!

Unlocking the Senses on Saturday, August 15th: We often overlook the senses while we’re writing. Perhaps it’s a survival mechanism--as writers, usually we want our environments to be as neutral as possible so that we can slip away from our daily life and into the walls of our stories. But there is nothing so engrossing as being knee-deep in a novel and feeling the powerful relief of a summer thunderstorm as the first drops hit your skin, or the smell in the kitchen when your character comes home. How do you find those senses that illustrate your character’s journey? How do you make them a powerful experience for the reader? Together, we’ll work on answering these questions!

Inaugural Illustrator & Writer Critique Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 3rd, 7-9pm

Please join us for our newly forming critique group for writers who illustrate or writers that are interested in learning more about the writer/illustrator process.

Are you working on a picture book dummy? A graphic novel? We will brainstorm ways to examine works that are told in both words and pictures. Many groups critique each piece separately but in this group we will explore the ways the two areas work together. We can share processes and technique as well as help each writer tell their story the best way possible as a whole.

Hope to see you there!

This event is open to all. $5 donation; Members $Free$.

Scribe & Snack Write-In

Friday, June 5th, 10am-2pm

Up your word count during our Scribe & Snack Write-In. Drop in for all or part of the day to write. Take a break at noon to chat over bagged lunches (we’ll provide the tea and coffee). This session will feature the Strawberry Shortcake (and Strawberry Granola for the GF Crowd) from Nancer Ballard.

11086663_10205495306776324_2101997217_nThis write-in is open to all. $5 donation; Members $Free$.

Craft Chat: From Stage to Page, Using Creative Dramatics to Inspire Writing with Lisa Kramer

Sunday, June 14th, 2-4pm

lisa_kramerHave you ever gotten stuck as your characters become elusive? Have you ever found it difficult to speak from an authentic voice or create authentic dialogue? Have you ever discovered the answers to your writing problems while doing something completely unrelated—exercise, listening to music, talking with a friend? As writers it’s easy to get stuck into the routine of staring and the blank screen and hoping the answers will appear. We all know that doesn’t always work. So what do we do?

In this workshop, participants will be led through a series of activities to help them step outside of their comfort zone and explore characters in a new way. Participants will also be provided with opportunities to take what they’ve learned and write/draw something new.

This event is $Free$ and open to all.

Scribe & Snack Write-In

Friday, June 19th, 10am-2pm

Up your word count during our Scribe & Snack Write-In. Drop in for all or part of the day to write. Take a break at noon to chat over bagged lunches (we’ll provide the tea and coffee). This session will feature the Little House on the Dairy Cream Cheese Cookies from Hayley Barrett.

cookiesThis write-in is open to all. $5 donation; Members $Free$.

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