Diving Into the Wreck: How to Revise Poetry
a webinar with Irene Latham
Monday, May 10, 7:30 pm EST

Most of us have draft-y poems that we're certain contain some bit of treasure, but it's still at least partly buried in the muck. This interactive poetry revision webinar with award-winning author/editor Irene Latham provides a perfect opportunity to plunder what's there, shine it up, and showcase the hidden jewels. The first part of the webinar will provide general revision tactics that teach you how to dig deeper into your poems and bring beauty to the surface. The second half will be modeled after a "first pages" session for fiction writers; participants will submit one page of their poems in advance and Irene will choose a few to critique during the webinar.


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Building Characters
a craft chat with Ellen Booraem
Sunday, May 23, 2:00 pm ET

Fantasy author Ellen Booraem discusses techniques—original, borrowed, and stolen—for creating characters whose troubles and dreams make a good story. She'll offer "lightning round" prompts for practice. Ellen's middle-grade fantasies are set in the real world, where the supernatural creates havoc for humans. All are welcome!

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Conquer Your Query
a webinar with agent/editor Mary Kole
Saturday, June 5, 2:00 pm ET

Query letters are your foot in the door in the slush pile, and a good one will launch you toward your publishing goals. In this webinar geared toward query writers of all categories, from picture book to novel to non-fiction, former literary agent and current freelance editor Mary Kole will break down how to write a compelling query letter, give advice for agent and publisher research, and share some surprising submission dos and don'ts. Plus, you will have the chance to submit your query draft ahead of time to be critiqued LIVE during the webinar.

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