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Speculative Fiction Variety Hour!


Join us for this Frankenstein-esque monthly meetup focused on unpacking the magic behind speculative fiction. Each gathering, we will take a deep look at one or more pieces of speculative fiction and analyze what makes it tick, how it fits into the genre as a whole, and how we can dissect it and use it for parts (in our own writing or murderbots—you choose). We will leave time at the end for brainstorming, conversation, writing exercises, or whatever floats our intergalactic spaceship (it is a variety hour after all!)


(* okay, it’s really 90 minutes—what are we, time travelers?).

Speculative fiction is a spectrum of multiple genres. It can include but is not limited to: science fiction, fantasy, horror, time travel, steampunk, cli-fi, dystopia, magical realism, futuristic tales, alternate histories, paranormal, or some combination therein. Any of these elements can play a primary, secondary, mashed-up, or even miniscule role in a work—it’ll still be able to keep dry beneath the umbrella of “speculative fiction.”

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