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Community Guidelines


When you become a Lofter, you join a community, even if all you do is come to quietly write. Our goal is to provide whatever it is a writer needs to get to the next level. Think about what you can offer to help someone else reach that goal.

The Loft has an anti-harassment policy—read it here.


Online Etiquette:


A lot of the community piece for the Writers’ Loft happens in our private Facebook group. We lift the cone of silence off many taboo subjects about publishing (it’s a safe place to talk real) because what happens in the Loft stays in the Loft. But there are some important social media guidelines to follow. Otherwise, we end up not building community, but isolating and alienating.


And we understand, not everyone is a pro at social media. And when the name of the game is getting your name out there, it’s tempting to talk only about yourself, or your book, or your book event. But in the long run, that just hurts your chances to spread the word about yourself.


Here are some guidelines we’d appreciate you’d follow when interacting at the Loft (and beyond)


  1. Do unto others. If someone does something that annoys you, don’t do that to anyone else. If someone else does something that makes you feel supported, remember that action when you have the opportunity.

  2. Support others in a real way. Social media makes this easy. “Like” something. Retweet something. Most of all, comment on something. Start with the easy stuff that’s close to home, but you will see real connections made by taking a moment and following someone on multiple social media platforms or on their own blogs or websites. Someone commented on your blog? Go comment on theirs.

  3. Feedback is the best way to learn. If you get so annoyed with someone that you are ready to unfollow/unfriend them, let them know why. Maybe they don’t know they made a faux pas. (This may feel hard to do in general social media, but we encourage you to be upfront and honest with Lofters.)

  4. Take turns. If you add to the real conversation and support others with comments, shares, and retweets, then feel free to share your news. A good rule to follow is 90% about others, 10% about you. If you sit back and lurk and then bombard people with news about your class, your book, your blogpost, yourself, then you will have repercussions. People will avoid and unfollow you. But join in the conversation about others, and people will be happy to share when it’s about you.


That’s it. Do Unto Others. Support. Feedback. Take Turns. Easy right?


Recommended Reading for Further Insight:



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