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Writers' Loft Press
At The Writers’ Loft, we have a saying: writing doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. Our anthologies, published through Writers’ Loft Press, are a way for our community to work together–it’s like a big group project. We have novel writers creating poetry for the first time along with experienced, published–and sometimes award-winning–poets and picture book authors. Writers' Loft Press will soon launch a website dedicated to the books, the authors, and the illustrators behind the titles you see listed here. Stay tuned for an official launch date!

Anthologies by The Writers' Loft Press

Coming out of hiding in November 2023!

Poems of Hidden Creatures

2023-02-17 09_31_05-Gnomes & UnGnomes — Mozilla Firefox.png

Our illustrated poetry anthology, Friends and Anemones: Ocean Poems for Children, was conceived before the pandemic and was nearly half done in March of 2020. Authors and illustrators worked under the strangest of conditions, doing critique groups online. We finished our work in November of 2020 and celebrated with an exciting virtual launch party through The Blue Bunny Bookstore

You can pick up a copy at any bookseller, or consider buying a copy from our own shop on Bookshop!

Watch the book trailer or read the interview on MATH is EVERYWHERE
Download coloring pages!

Available in-store or online now at these local bookstores:

Wellesley Books

Aesop's Fable Bookstore

Silver Unicorn Bookstore


or online here:


Barnes & Noble

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ODES OF US is a look inside the lives of Black, Latine, Indigenous, Asian-American, and Pakistani-American teens during the pandemic.


This intrepid group of young writers, along with their editors, Shirley Jones Luke and Eddie Maisonet (also local poets), shared their hearts through words in this gem of a book.


It was published in December of 2021 and we celebrated a launch between Covid surges at The Frugal Bookstore in Boston.


This collection of poetry celebrates the joys of poetry and love of animals for children of all ages. From anteater to vulture, limerick to free verse, and water color to digital drawing, AN ASSORTMENT OF ANIMALS is an all-encompassing introduction to a diverse variety of animals, poetry, and illustration techniques for the young reader and artist.

Undiscovered poets' and illustrators' work sits side by side with never-before-seen work of accomplished authors and artists like Jane Yolen, Josh Funk, and Brian Lies. Poetry is a compelling way for children to experience the art of storytelling through word and art. This anthology takes the reader on a journey from funny to poignant, wistful to thrilling, imaginative to realistic. Through over thirty authors and illustrators, discover new wonders in this joyous collection. And three seek-and-find activities in the back matter makes this book a great addition for teachers, librarians, and families.

The book is available at these online retailers:

Congratulations to the authors, illustrators, and designers, and everyone who worked behind the scenes to create this book!


Our first anthology, FIRSTS, is available on Amazon. The stories here focus on the theme of "first." Here are the authors who appear in the anthology.

  • Kristine Carlson Asselin, The Way Out (First Place)

  • Deborah Norkin, The Last First (Second Place)

  • Dave Pasquantonio, The Debut (Third Place)

  • Kari Allen, Introduction

  • Sandy Budiansky, College 101

  • Elaine D’Alessandro, The Wiggly Tooth

  • Angela Dell’Isola, Red

  • Papa J Funk, The Ballad of Mr. Zibb

  • Thea Iberall, The First Time I Closed An Airport

  • Heather Kelly, The Wall

  • Carol Lach, The First Day of the Rest of My Life

  • Wendy McDonald, First Comes Love

  • Lisa Rogers, First Jobs

  • Warren Ross, Limericks

  • Kristin Russo, The Text

  • Charlotte Sheer, How Can It Be?

  • Cathy Stenquist, A Glimpse Into Her Journey

  • Jane Sutton, In Love, At First Sound

  • Pam Vaughan, My First Race

  • Kristen Wixted, First Time Smuggler

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