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Thank You!

The loft runs entirely on volunteer energy. We have a dedicated board and the most amazing volunteers. We hope you thank them on a regular basis because everyone is working for the good of the group!


Ways you can thank the Loft

Be a positive influence inside and outside the Loft.

Spread community outside the Loft when you go out to SCBWI events, RWA, or other communities.

Buy our books, our presenters' books, and sign up for presenter workshops.

We strive to pay our presenters excellent wages, and we strive to offer events at low cost. We understand everyone has limited funds, so we rely on people signing up, taking classes, and attending workshops to pay our presenters.

Buy our member's books from our Bookshop

Proceeds from book sales at our Bookshop fund the Writers Loft Press and the donations of books we make to underprivileged schools.

Volunteer resources & time!

Check out our wish list below to see what we're looking for at this time.

Wish List

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